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Colorado is one of the country’s top states for natural gas production, with only four other states producing more by volume in 2010. One thing this means is that many property owners may find oil and gas companies asking for the right to extract the natural gas from their land. When the United States was founded as a country, property rights were considered extremely important, and have been ever since. In some cases, oil and gas companies may be interested in buying your land outright, while in other cases they may only want to lease the mineral rights. If you have been contacted by an oil and gas company about your land, speak with the experienced Greeley oil and gas attorneys at Grant & Hoffman, PC immediately to discuss your options and protect your property rights.

Understand Your Options

Oil and gas development has the potential to destroy your land, leaving you with less than you started with. It also has the potential to make a large amount of money for you. Some of that depends on the honesty and integrity of the energy company that you are working with, but much of it has to do with a variety of other factors. There is no quick answer as to what you should do if an energy company is interested in your land. Not only is every situation different, but every person is different as well. The dedicated Greeley oil and gas lawyers at the Colorado law firm of Grant & Hoffman, PC can work with you to understand all of your options, and what might be the right course of action for you.

Depending on the details of your situation, there are literally dozens of scenarios that could arise, involving oil and gas leases, surface use agreements, easements, forced pooling, and royalty issues, among other things. It is vital that you understand that the energy company has a team of lawyers with a thorough understanding of property law, whose job it is to help them get the natural gas that they are looking for, while spending the smallest possible amount of money to do it. You need a Colorado oil and gas law firm that is equally experienced, and has an equal level of expertise to help you get the best possible outcome for you.

What if I’m Not Interested?

If you have no interest in dealing with an oil and gas company, whatever the reason, it is still in your interest to speak with an attorney to be sure that you understand your rights. Under some circumstances, the oil and gas company may be able to access your property even without your permission. In some circumstances, eminent domain may come into play, in which the government steps in and buys your land in order to use it for the public good. In this case, you may get a lower value than if you deal directly with the energy company through a lawyer.

Many of the options available to you involve your keeping the land, while the energy company also gets the right to extract the natural gas or oil. Like any other commercial contract, however, natural gas leases are sometimes violated. If an energy company that is working on your land has violated a natural gas lease, contact Grant & Hoffman, PC immediately. Not only are your property rights at stake, but the money involved can be extremely significant as well.

If you have been contacted by an energy company regarding oil or gas under your property, speak with the Northern Colorado oil and gas attorneys at Grant & Hoffman, PC right away. From protecting your property rights, to negotiating a favorable deal, to litigating disputes, Grant & Hoffman, PC has the legal expertise, and the experience working with energy companies that you need to protect your rights. For more information contact Grant & Hoffman, PC today at (970)356-5666.

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