Why is Mediation Required for Divorce in Colorado?


If you filed for divorce or are considering divorce in the state of Colorado, you may have heard that mediation is a requirement. Chances are if you chose to separate, you already made attempts at resolution. Mediation, however, gives you the opportunity to discuss matters in the presence of a neutral party and work through the details of your divorce with civility.

These are just a few of the reasons the state moved to make it a mandatory part of the process. Each of the following reasons demonstrates some of the great benefits that mediation can offer, too. Read on for more information on what to expect and why it is important to attend mediation sessions.

Avoid a court battle

One of the major reasons for the implementation of mediation is the prevention of unnecessary time spent in court. Couples who immediately enter litigation typically spend far longer in court and wage an unnecessary battle on issues easily solved during mediation. According to the Huffington Post, this is beneficial because the unavailability of court dates can draw out a divorce, too.

Put kids’ needs first

For couples who have kids, it can be particularly stressful to try and determine what custody arrangements and other decisions will be most beneficial. Mediation can help you discuss all options thoroughly and negotiate a compromise. These same discussions could easily become contentious or aggressive in a courtroom or at home.

Find the best solutions

Ultimately, mediation allows you to collaborate and achieve compromise rather than get caught up in the conflict that divorce so often brings. If you want to maintain your sanity and separate without spending unnecessary time in court, you should approach mediation as an opportunity to do exactly that. Focus on setting goals and finding the solutions that best meet the needs of all parties involved.