Drinking and Driving Just Became a Lot Risker


Driving under the influence of alcohol is an unfortunately common occurrence in the Northern Colorado area. In the past, people who were convicted with a DUI may have been able to receive a relatively light punishment. Many first-time and repeat DUI offenders do not realize how dangerous it is for them to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other restricted substances. Law enforcement agencies nationwide are working around the clock to apprehend impaired drivers and discourage motorists from drinking and driving.

One enforcement tactic that makes it more difficult for repeat DUI offenders to dodge accountability is to change the law. But, what you might not know is how the law now handles repeat DUI offenders. People with multiple convictions for drinking and driving can end up with a felony or as a fourth-time DUI offender, where the chances of ending up behind bars or on a work-release program are high.

Changes to the law make it harder to evade incarceration

A mandatory sentence can have a huge impact on both you and your family’s life. Recent changes to the law now require a person convicted of four or more DUIs to spend at least 90 days in jail. A judge can decide to extend this jail sentence based on his or her discretion and other extenuating circumstances. Now more than ever you should not take chances with the law and risk your freedom and livelihood.

Do not gamble with your freedom and criminal record. If you are facing charges for a first-time or felony DUI, you should not rely on the prosecution’s interpretation of the evidence and facts surrounding your situation to avoid a conviction and penalties. Anyone who is facing DUI charges of any level should contact a knowledgeable lawyer.