3 Ways You Could Lose Your Driver’s License


Driving is such a daily part of your life that you may forget it is a privilege, not a right. It only takes one mistake to lose this privilege.

Knowing how you could lose your license can help you avoid the situation, or know how to gain back driving abilities. These are three ways your license can be at risk.

1. DUI

One of the most obvious ways to lose your license is by getting a DUI. Also, if you refuse to take a chemical test, even if you are innocent, the court can revoke your license for a year. You will have a limited window of time to dispute the revocation. Early reinstatement may also be an option.

2. Traffic offenses

While getting a ticket for speeding or failing to turn on your lights is not as severe as a DUI, do not blow it off. Tickets lead to points on your license, and once you reach 12 points within a year, you will be subject to a license suspension. For those under 21 but at least 18 years old, the number of points goes down to nine. For minors, obtaining six points leads to loss of license.

Paying for traffic tickets will prevent further disciplinary action, but it is also an admission of guilt. You may be able to fight the ticket. If not, there may be options available to you to keep the points off your license.

3. Child support

The state of Colorado takes child support seriously. If you do not pay your child support order, or only make partial payments, the state will send you a notice of suspension.

You will have to talk with your caseworker to arrange for payments before you can reinstate your license. It will also require a fee and proof of auto insurance. You may or may not be able to obtain a probationary driver’s license in the meantime.