Record Sealing Can Aid in Preventing Long-Term DUI Damage


Perhaps you are a college student and a driver under the age of 21. You often get together with friends and do not see a problem with driving after having enjoyed a few beers.

However, a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol is definitely problematic. This kind of mark on your record will follow you and create roadblocks in your life, but record sealing can prevent long-term damage from DUI.

A DUI conviction and your future

You may have an interest in going to graduate school. Or, you may have ideas about the kind of career you want. A DUI conviction on your record will close certain doors to you. The availability of the internet allows potential employers, landlords, bankers, and other people of importance in your life to look at your criminal background at any time. With a DUI, you may not be able to rent the condo you want or become a viable candidate for your dream job.

Results of a felony conviction

If your DUI misdemeanor charge became a felony because you injured or killed someone, you will lose certain liberties. For example, a felony conviction would prevent you from voting in an election, purchasing a firearm, or obtaining a passport.

About HB19-1275

Colorado legislators have passed HB19-1275, increasing the eligibility for sealing criminal records. The act repeals existing statutes and creates a simplified process for sealing records pertaining to petty offenses through convictions for classes 4, 5, and 6 felonies. You can file petitions after a certain period, depending on the crime.

Seeking help for a MIP

If you are under the age of 21 and caught with alcohol, you may face a Minor in Possession of Alcohol charge. If convicted of MIP, you are looking at fines, community service, and the possible revocation of your driver’s license. This is another conviction that will follow you and impact your plans for the future. However, there is a possibility of sealing the records regarding your MIP. You can learn more by exploring your legal options.