How to Stop Abusing Alcohol After a DUI


Drinking is a highly accepted activity in society and culture. While it may be accepted to become intoxicated in a bar or club, it does not mean that this action is healthy or sustainable. What is definitely not acceptable is driving when intoxicated, since this can put not only you but others at risk.

If you have recently been arrested on DUI charges, you may have got to the point where you realize that your drinking has become a problem. You should have two priorities after a DUI arrest: to stop abusing alcohol, and to defend yourself successfully against the charges. The following is an overview of how you can go about stopping the abuse of alcohol after a DUI.

Consider your relationship with alcohol

Some people choose only to drink when with friends to relax and enjoy the company. When this is done in moderation, it is not usually an issue. However, others use alcohol to escape certain emotions. If you are experiencing feelings of depression, isolation, guilt, or shame, you may find that you drink in high quantities to escape these feelings. It is in these situations that alcohol dependence can occur.

Get support from others

Whether you want to talk to friends or family or would rather go to an anonymous support group or seek therapy, it is important that you get support. Another person’s perspective and guidance will help you in the more challenging moments, and it will remind you that you are not alone in this journey.

See the journey as a process of bettering yourself

Getting sober is not easy. However, there can be extremely satisfying and enjoyable aspects to it. Think of your journey as a chance to better yourself, and get motivation from how far you’ve come.

Make sure that you take swift action to defend yourself against DUI charges so that you are able to move toward a better and more hopeful future. Understanding your legal options will help you to make the right move.