Are There Long-Term Consequences Of A DUI?


Some people might think a DUI charge is a relatively minor offense that is paid through fines and a simple license suspension. But DUI charges carry far more consequences, some that can follow you for a long period of your life.

People arrested for DUI should understand the consequences of a charge and should contact an attorney for help facing and fighting them.

Personal Consequences

A DUI arrest and conviction can affect personal relationships. You may sense changes in how friends and family feel about you in addition to feelings of shame or embarrassment. Many people may feel as though they are not in control of their lives and face judgment from their peers and loved ones.

Some of the immediate consequences of a DUI conviction may also impact your relationships and personal life such as drunk driving education programs, interlock ignition devices, and court-mandated community service. Personal issues and the consequences resulting from a DUI conviction can also spill into your professional life.

Professional Consequences

Many people suffer professionally when charged with a DUI, too. DUIs often affect the way you are viewed by coworkers and employers. DUI arrests are often publicized in local media which can affect your reputation. Additionally, these charges can have more tangible effects on your professional life by limiting opportunities.

A charge can show up on your record and impact future job opportunities when employers run a background check. The process of dealing with a charge may also affect professional life as many people need to take time out of their day to handle court proceedings. Additionally, license revocation can impact people who drive for a living or need to commute to work for up to two years.

These consequences can negatively affect your professional life and your livelihood which can cause further problems.

Other Consequences

A DUI charge can have financial implications as well. In addition to fines, a DUI charge can prompt an increase in auto insurance rates. A DUI conviction may put you in a “high-risk” category in the eyes of your insurance company. This paired with legal fees can put your finances in distress.

Students may also lose or be denied scholarships and other financial aid if a DUI conviction appears on their record.

Facing a DUI is intimidating, even before fully understanding the consequences of a conviction. These charges can seem minor at first, but their ramifications can impact your life for a long ti