Is Your Marriage Really Over or is it Salvageable?


When facing the end of marriage in Colorado, many couples tend to rush through the process and ask questions later. That approach may seem like it is a good idea at the time. But many divorcees often end up regretting their hastiness in the long run. You may have your reasons for wanting to call it quits between you and your spouse, but those reasons may not be enough to justify ending your marriage.

Divorce is not always the right resolution for couples who seem to be unhappy. Sometimes, the issues they are unhappy with are the result of not taking the right actions to correct them. Before you end your relationship with your spouse and file for divorce, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you believe you will be happier?

No relationship is perfect. Everyone has their shortcomings and may not always measure up to a partner’s expectations. There may be some things about your spouse you do not like and may frustrate you to no end, but are those issues worth you giving up your relationship? Think long and hard about the things you do like about your partner and if you are willing to give them up.

What do you think can save your marriage?

Take some time to think about why you want to end your relationship. Write down the pros and cons of staying married to your current spouse. Be sure to include all the things you feel you and your partner need to do to maintain a healthy marriage. Ask your spouse to participate and do the same. Once everything is out in the open, discuss your concerns together. 

Are you financially prepared for divorce? 

Take a look at your personal financial situation to determine how prepared you are for divorce. Do not assume the process is going to be fast and painless. You should have enough money set aside to cover your legal expenses and post-divorce obligations. You might want to consider meeting with financial experts and an attorney so you can better understand the steps you should take to make your post-divorce financial situation easier to manage.

Not all couples can resolve their differences and avoid divorce court. If you feel your marriage cannot be saved, consider your divorce options and take time to prepare for the process.