Short- and Long-Term Impacts of Losing Your Driver’s License


Several criminal charges can lead to the revocation or suspension of your license. Whether you are dealing with a DUI conviction or several traffic offenses, it’s important to consider what could happen if you lose your license.

In Colorado, it only takes one DUI conviction for you to have your license revoked and 12 points on your record to have your license suspended. This can leave you unable to fulfill daily obligations and can impact big-picture goals and career aspirations.

Immediate effects

One immediate impact of losing your license is losing the ability to drive. This can make driving to your job, commuting to your campus, or attending social gatherings a hassle. Having to rely on others to transport you as an adult can be both difficult to process and inconvenient for you. For example, you might have to commit to waking up an hour or two earlier each day to align your schedule with a public transportation route.

In many cases, you can apply to reinstate your license after following up on court orders or waiting a specific period of time. Even though you can complete this process online and in the comfort of your own home, you might have to retake a written or physical driving test. Not having the option to fill out a simple license renewal form can take away from other responsibilities, since DMV offices are typically only open on weekdays.

Lasting ramifications

There are issues that can persist long after you lose your license too.

If you refuse to keep from behind the wheel and a police officer catches you driving under restraint (DUR), then you could be dealing with larger problems. DUR offenses often lead to more fines, potential jail time, and losing your license for a longer length.

Additionally, if your employer requires you to drive to complete day-to-day tasks, then you run the risk of losing your job when you face the loss of your driver’s license. When you lose your job, you not only miss out on opportunities and advancements that you were hoping to land, but you could also face difficulties when you apply for employment elsewhere.

If reinstating your license seems impossible or frustrating, you have the option to seek legal aid to help challenge your arrest or fight a criminal charge.